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Shellac -vs – Gel Manicures

Posted on: March 15, 2013

A few weeks ago it was reported and obviously rebuked by nail technicians that Gel Manicures pose a health risk, that the process of using UV Rays to set the gel can cause skin cancer.  But what about Shellac Manicures, do they pose the same risks because the setting method is the same?  There are many pros and cons for each including this one, (here), but you have to judge for yourself.

I’ve had both and personally prefer The Shellac for several reasons, the process is quicker; the length under the UV light is shorter and last but not least, it’s cheaper!

Yesterday during my lunch break I went to Nail Paradise in the Frazer Shopping Center, where I received a Shellac manicure by Lisa, a very pleasant nail technician.  There were so many pretty bright colors from which to chose but I selected this Midnight Blue, what do you think?


Have you had a Shellac or Gel Manicure – if so, which do you prefer?

Nail Technician

Lisa, the Nail Technician, was very pleasant and I enjoyed my “quick pamper”.

Frazer Shopping Center

Nail Paradise, 490 Lancaster Pike, Frazer Shopping Center, Frazer, PA  610-647-4181

Shellac Manicure

Have a fantabulous weekend – Smooches!

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15 Responses to "Shellac -vs – Gel Manicures"

Love the color but I don’t do anything that doesn’t involve air drying…nope nope.

Good for you – have a fantastic weekend!

I love the color also! I used to get acrylic nails for years…stopped about 9 months ago…then tried shellac a few times, but didn’t really like it. I must be hard on my nails. Anyway, giving them a break for a while.

I know, that why I stopped the Gel Manicure, hope the Shellac will be gentler – have a great weekend!

The Salon that I go to uses ( as well as the light i bought for gel manicures for at home use is ) an LED light and does not pose the same risk as UV light. Here is my post about at home Gelicures, if you’re interested.

Cool, I need to check this out, thanks for sharing!

I love the Shellac manicure. My manicurist has anti-uv gloves that you just put on your hands, and the tips of your fingers are still exposed, which is why she suggests putting sunscreen on, immediately after you wash your hands of the cuticle oil. Doing so, hasn’t changed the quality of my manicure or anything…so it’s worth it.

Wow, what a great idea. In what state do you live, I would feature that for other shops to follow.

I do not think I know enough to voice and opinion…but I do know that I LOVE the color!!

I haven’t tried the Shellac manicure yet. But I love the gel one. I read that you could wear gloves with the holes on fingers while letting the polish set and this will cover the skin while under the UV rays. So I have my gloves and going to get my gel Mani next week!

Yes, I need to get a pair of cotton gloves and cut out the fingers. I don’t go often, but if it cuts down on the risk I am all for it. Enjoy the rest of your day.

I did enjoy my day! Yes Girly get the gloves and sunscreen. Whatever is the safer way.

That color looks great! I love it! I haven’t tried either but I’ve been wanting to try shellac for a while!

Try it…you’ll like it!

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