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OOTD – Weepy Wednesday

Posted on: March 27, 2013

Hello Friends and Happy Hump Day Wednesday

It took me a while to get myself together after this morning’s encounter with my neighbor, but I’m glad that it happened because last night I dreamt about my aunt who passed away on Friday. However, the reason for being extremely late this morning was the multiple outfit changes, not the Polka Dot dress, that was a given but what to wear with it. I tried 2 different shirts over it,…2 different shirts underneath it…3 different color blazers before finally settling on this Aqua Cardigan.   I buttoned it and put on a pair of Mossimo flats then looked into the mirror, I immediately thought about FLOTUS Obama meeting The Queen of England.

Remember the flack she got for having the audacity to wear a sweater to meet The Queen for the first time – puh-leeze people – get a life! No matter your political affiliation, that was just stupid with a capital “S”, such an embarrassment for our country…just one of many…okay stepping down from the Soap Box now.

Polka Dots and Cardigan

I am so glad that the weather is finally warming up, the birds were chirping in all their glory..aah the sounds of Spring. 

Birds chirping - the sounds of Spring

All the snow is gone!

Grandmother's Tea Cup and SaucerSipping tea from my grandmother’s cup and saucer

Watch Ring and Necklace - AvonBracelets – Burlington Coat Factory // Watch, Ring and Necklaces – Avon

OOTD 3 27 13 020

OOTD 3 27 13 014

Today’s outfit seemed appropriate as a transition from Winter to Spring what do you think?

(at the top of this picture you will see my neighbor’s garage)

Linking up today with WIWW – join in to meet new bloggers.

Have a fantabulous afternoon – Smooches!

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21 Responses to "OOTD – Weepy Wednesday"

Oh goodness! She has the pinky out 🙂

You make me laugh out loud!!!!

Flips cape across face and slinks out….my work here is done!

So, somehow none of my submissions to People were “big” enough or the right thing or something. So . . . I hope one of us wins!

What happened and believe it or not, I forgot all about it – lol!

Haha–I kept sending them files and they kept saying they couldn’t accept them because they were the wrong size or something. I ran out of decent photos and got sick of retrying.

oh, how about your blog’s avatar?

I have to crop my husband out of it. 😉 it makes it too low-res.

Ok I missed whats going on with the neighbor. But I love the color combo of the outfit. Goes together nicely.

Oh, the first post – These Three Words. She lost her daughter. Thanks for commenting.

Polka dots are my favorite. You look so chic and posh with your cup of coffee!

Sorry to hear about your loss. Polka dots are classic! Great job

Sorry about your loss. You look great though in your Spring-transition dress and cardi 😉

Thank you, have a fantastic day!

Gorgeous colors! You look beautiful!

Thank you and I love your blog, thanks for stopping and taking the time to comment. Have a fantabulous weekend!

Cute dress! Love the polka dots!

xo, Kenya

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