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Cheerios’ Commercial Controversy

Posted on: May 31, 2013


Hello Friends and Happy Fri-Yay!

Last week while watching television a new commercial for Cheerios came on and it immediately caught my attention.  The cute little girl was obviously “mixed” or biracial, cute as a button with corkscrew curls, talking to her mother, who is Caucasian.  She’s just checking to see if what her dad said was true, that Cheerios were good for the heart.  Once mom verifies that Cheerios are Heart Healthy she quickly runs out of the kitchen.

The next scene is that of her African American father napping on the sofa, waking up with a chest full of Cheerios.  This heart-healthy, family commercial is cute…right?

To some people “no” it’s not, I guess to them having 1 biracial person featured on television is enough – sorry little Cheerios girl the President filled the quota.

Watch the video and tell me what you think.



20 Responses to "Cheerios’ Commercial Controversy"

Are you serious??? I haven’t seen the commercial but that is absolutely ridiculous to pull it because of the ignorance of a few people!

Wait – now that I went to YouTube and watched it…I realized I did see this and it didn’t even dawn on me that it was an interracial couple – I honestly saw a cute little family.

I know….life isn’t black and white….

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Yes I’m with Michelle on this one. If it hadn’t been pointed out to me I would never have noticed. It reflects the family life of thousands of families – at least here in the UK, I can’t speak about the US. Sad that some folks will make ‘issues’ out of everthing – and that a cheerio’s ad, of all things, can be a groundbreaking social comment too 🙂

I know, life is way too short to be stressing over something like this. The innocence of children and their genuine concern for their parents is not a color or race thing. Hope all is well across the pond – have a wonderful weekend!

I noticed this about the commercial the first time I saw it – and thought it was great! A reflection of reality – and a super-cute family!

Yes, I thought it was adorable – daughter looking out for her daddy.

There are so many bi-racial families in my family I might not have noticed had it not been for the blog. Here in NJ it is pretty normal. Mt husband is Hispanic– I am not. If you look up and down our street– we have the United Nations!

I agree, it’s not abnormal and when I saw the commercial I said to myself, “finally” a great representation of life in America. It hurts my heart to know that people are still hurtful and angry about this. Have a wonderful weekend Jersey Girl!

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Absolutely cute.

I can’t believe that this would upset people, with all the other inappropriate for small kids to see commercials on t.v. now a days…. This one shows a loving family.

I know…sad sad sad…but we have to pray and keep moving forward in positivity! Have a fantastic weekend!

I had to stop myself from arguing the point with a twit online (my very bad for even making the first comment to the person) The commercial is precious as is the family. I’m not about to stop eating my cheerios 🙂

I’m going to start buying them just because!!!

Loved the video! I hadn’t seen that one before. If people have an issue with interracial families that’s their issue, they can dislike my family all they want, I’m not going to let it affect my family or my kids. That video “my family” except instead of a cute little girl, we have two cute little boys and I’m darn proud of them! There is always someone who will get upset at something but I hope Cheerios continues to make “real” commercials just like this! =)

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