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Teenage Volunteerism

Posted on: June 13, 2013

Hello Friends and Happy Friday Eve!

Today, my youngest begins volunteering at the Food Bank of Delaware. It’s so very hard to find summer employment for teenagers these days, and he needs gas money, so I made him a deal.  He will volunteer 3 hours a day, 3 times a week helping to prepare free summer meals for kids, and I will pay him $50.00 a week for gas and savings.


As a 17 year old male, it’s important for him to build a good work ethic, but to have an opportunity to work in a field that gives back builds character.  I want him to understand that not everyone lives a privileged life and that we all have an obligation to help others. Whether it’s in donating money, clothing, food or time, we should all reach out into our communities to lend a helping hand.

Growing up in a housing project in New Rochelle, NY, my sister and I attended summer programs that provided free lunches.  Even back then, I knew this not only helped us but our grandmother as well, and that it was important to be grateful.  It would upset me when other kids would smash the milk cartons or throw away the fruit, I knew there were others even less fortunate who would have loved to have had that milk or piece of fruit.

If your High School student is also having a hard time finding employment for the summer, consider a volunteer opportunity in your area, it can also be a good topic for their Senior Project.



Have a fantastical day – Smooches!



13 Responses to "Teenage Volunteerism"

Good for him! Good for you! Good for everyone 🙂

This is so great!!! My oldest is 15 and he has to perform 200 hours of community service in order to graduate!! I think this is so good for them! It builds character, and teaches them real gratitude. Great for him!!

That is wonderful, I know seniors have to complete a project prior to graduation but didn’t know it was community service. This is the perfect time to get to thinking about service to others as there is more than enough negative news to attract their attention – brava Mom!!

thats such a lovely idea, well done you, that will be great for your son. xxxxxx

Yes, he needs to know that there are others in the world that need our support.

it’s such a good way to do it, when my kids get older I will be following in your footsteps. xxxxx

I am sure you will because you are a good mommy with some awesome kids!

aww thank you. xxxxxxxxxxxxx

You’re such a sweet mama. I did a lot of volunteering when I was in high school and college. Sadly I don’t have as much time to do it anymore but I’d like to get back into it again soon. My mother in law volunteers for a mission thrift store that helps homeless and addicted people; she loves it.

Thank you my dear, yes, in today’s world kids need to know it’s not all about them. Brava to your mom-in-law, such a rewarding endeavor!

What a great opportunity and an incredible way to learn to count our blessings. Helping others and giving back are so very important.

Yes, and get his lazy butt up and out!!!

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