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Closet Cleanout Continues

Posted on: June 17, 2013

Hello Friends and Happy Monday…Monday…Monday, I hope your weekend was all that you wanted it to be and then some!

One of my weekend missions is to have all of the closets cleaned out by the end of the summer…or at least all of the bedroom closets cleaned out!  Last Saturday after working with my son in his, we decided to store the sweaters and sweatshirts in Original Space Bags which were purchased from Ross

closet cleanout and ootd 6 13 13 051closet cleanout and ootd 6 13 13 052

The Space Bags are sealed tight when the air is removed using a vacuum

closet cleanout and ootd 6 13 13 110They aren’t as flat as I wanted but it’s still a good space saver

closet cleanout and ootd 6 13 13 113

I organized some of my shoes with this Over-The-Door Shoe Rack by Mainstays purchased from Walmart

closet cleanout and ootd 6 13 13 181These will be sorted by color

closet cleanout and ootd 6 13 13 184I’ll get plastic shoe boxes from Dollar Tree for these summer shoes/sandals

closet cleanout and ootd 6 13 13 186Also purchased a Mainstays 2-Tier Garment Rack for skirts

closet cleanout and ootd 6 13 13 189closet cleanout and ootd 6 13 13 190The rack will be put into the spare bedroom freeing up additional space in my closet

closet cleanout and ootd 6 13 13 192Next week another closet….

Have a fantabulous day – Smooches!



6 Responses to "Closet Cleanout Continues"

I love those space bags but can never get mine to get as flat as on the commercials. You go with your cleaning self 😉

I know….they weren’t as flat as I wanted either, but they saved a little space in the closet.

You go girl…you are on a big roll now…disappointing those bags don’t get as flat as they market them.

I know…hopefully by the time I am ready to retire it will be an easy clean up clear out….I still have 10 years – lol!!!!

Great job! And gorgeous collection of shoes! I’m cleaning my closets out this week as well. To get Space Bags to lay flat, pack them like you’re packing a suitcase: folded all the same size, lined up neatly along the lines of the bag (items should touch all inside edges of the bag except do stop at the “fill to here” line), and stacked evenly (if there are 3 sweaters stacked in 1 area, stack everything in the bag at that height.) The lumpy shapes Space Bags can end up in made me crazy so I experimented til I ended up with flat, stackable bags!

THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU …. Those lumpy bags were driving me crazy, I will definitely try again this weekend.

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