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AARP Not Me! Or has the time come to join?

Posted on: July 17, 2013

Hello Friends and Happy Friday Eve!


AARP Membership requests began hitting my mailbox way back in my 40’s and now that I am almost 52, I guess the time has come to consider joining.  I am reluctantly accepting the fact that I’m approaching the “S E N I O R” category – REALLY??!!  Hubby and I have been joking for years and betting on who would join first….I’d push the envelop away and say, “oh no I’m too young”, and he’d look at me side-eyed and smirk.

Offers of a Free Gift to join had oftentimes been tempting and there are definitely some great benefits including discounts at Ross Stores on Tuesdays!  Discounts on travel, food, entertainment, health, insurance, shopping, education and training and so much more should have been reason to sign up with a quickness, but I just couldn’t do it.  I had also loved the fact that they provide information on Long Term Care options, Employment Postings, even starting a new business, the benefits of being an AARP member far outweigh the small price to join.

I’ve finally made up my mind and submitted an online membership application, and then I entered the AARP Real People Model Search just for the heck of it.  I don’t expect to be chosen but it seemed like something fun to do as well as memorable to mark the occasion as I approach the wonderful world of “Senior Citizenship”.

If you would like to vote for me, click here, and look for Antionette B in Delaware.



10 Responses to "AARP Not Me! Or has the time come to join?"

From having been a member once I didn’t see much benefit in joining.

No, I will be taking advantage of the discounts at Ross!

I will definitely vote for you! Next year I turn 50 so I guess I’ll be joining the ranks of the seniors.

Thank you, how did the 50’s get here so fast???

Yes, I will cote for you. As for joining AARP, I got my first invitation when I turned 30!! Just 30!! But when I actually turned 50, I joined and got the auto insurance with Hartford and saved $1000 over what we were paying another well-known company. Obviously we were paying too much with the other company. My advice check around. I have been sold on AARP ever since.

“30”! I am definitely hoping to save money on car insurance especially now with two male sons on our policy..paying over $600.00 month!

I tried to go and vote for you, but it wouldn’t let me…it said come back in September?

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