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OOTD – Mellow Monday

Posted on: July 22, 2013

Hello Friends and Happy Monday!

There definitely should be an extra day between Saturday and Sunday because trying to squeeze in chores and relaxation into two can be exhausting!  I trust you all had an enjoyable weekend and hopefully are half way through a stress free Monday.

Today’s outfit is a simple two piece skirt and sleeveless tank that I must have bought about 10 years ago and thanks to the elastic waistband, I will probably have it another 10 years!

weekend and OOTD 7 22 13 040

July 2013 060

Too much of this makes for a very mellow Monday!

PicMonkey Collage (3)

How are you feeling today?

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20 Responses to "OOTD – Mellow Monday"

I so agree with you…there definitely needs to be an extra day in our weekend…I have said this for years. I am exhausted by the time Monday rolls around, for trying to cram everything in.

Oh you party animal 😉 Nice outfit.

Love the dress it looks great on you. I could use a beer and time by the pool ,but I don’t see that one happening anytime soon.

Thanks…summer is fleeting, put it on your calendar and then do it!

Yes, I definitely need an extra day (or two) between Saturday and Sunday. I don’t consider them to be resting days at all because I am ripping and running around town with all of the other people who work Monday-Friday!

So true, I would even settle for a day between Sunday and Monday! Thanks for stopping and commenting, enjoy the rest of your night.

Yes, an extra day between Saturday and Sunday is my dream. Actually having a 4 hour work day (but I still get paid for 8 hours) and only working about 3 days a week is my true dream.

That too would be wonderful…but every day at work is another one closer to retirement!

Cute outfit! I agree, you will probably have it for another 10 years! Love those finds!

Yes, and would you believe it’s from Walmart!

I love this outfit! I wish you posted more photos to have a look at it properly… The length of the skirt, which is beneath the knee, is very flattering and elongate your body. Sara

Thanks, I was going to but I looked sleepy in the other pics – it definitely was a mellow Monday!

Just for you…check out the new picture I added – thanks friend!!!

I love the big purple flowers on this dress/set. Hope you had a great monday!

Thank you, it turned out nice despite the fact I stayed sleepy the entire day!

School start tomorrow for my oldest so WOOHOO! There goes my extra days…LOL

Lucky Lucky You – Enjoy!

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