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Tracking Teenage Drivers

Posted on: September 4, 2013

Hello Friends and Happy Hump Day Wednesday


As the mother of a teenage driver I am always on pins and needles every time he grabs his keys and leaves the house.  There is just so much they can learn in a classroom setting and even with the mandatory driving hours that are required with a Graduated License, once they are on the road alone it can become a life or death situation.

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Some teenagers are extremely careful and patient drivers, others not so much and unfortunately I have the latter.  I’ve explained to him that driving is a privilege and he should remain ever vigilant when he’s behind the wheel.  There are just too many RIP Markers on the sides of the road and a few of you know that I lost my sister in a car accident on September 14th 1992.

I have argued, nagged and yelled at him to drive slowly and also threatened him with the loss of his car, keys and driving privileges if ever stopped for speeding.

                                                          .yelling mom

It goes in one ear and out the other and so I think the time has come for more drastic measures.  Hubby brought home information from the website Teen Tracking, a plug and play GPS monitoring system and I am seriously considering buying one.


According to the website The Big Brother GPS Locator/Tracker “allows parents to keep a close eye on their new teen drivers. Notifications on speed and boundary violations. Easy 2-wire installation. Installs under dash for covert operation. PoweredbyGPS® technology.”  The cost is hefty but the piece of mind is priceless and definitely cheaper than the increase to our monthly car insurance rates!


Has anyone purchased this Teen Tracking monitor or is there another GPS Tracker that you would suggest?



9 Responses to "Tracking Teenage Drivers"

You are a LIFE savor! By the time my kids are driving…another 14 years or so… this thing would be like $59.99, but its good to know it exists!

Thank you, I so appreciate your comment. Hopefully when your kids start to drive with is not be an option but a built-in standard.

You’re so right about that! We need all the help we can with these teen drivers!

Sorry to hear about the loss of your sister. 😦

devastating news to hear about your sister. In my opinion. an accident can happen to anyone… even us as adults! Its the others we need to worry about no matter how cautious we may be and or the devices we may buy. Let us know of the outcome

Yes, thank you, I can’t believe that next weekend it will be 21 years – I still think about and miss her everyday which is why I try so hard to keep my son safe. I never want to get that phone call again!

I too am sorry for the loss of your sister.
Personally, for me my children would have to give me a reason to use this. My parents trusted me with their car and keys when I was 16 and I respected that privilege. I want to give my children the same chance.
That being said, IF I saw something in my sons that caused me to suspect they weren’t respecting that, or if they were getting vehicle privileges back after having them taking away, you bet I’d use it.

Exactly and thank you. I ask him to drive slowly but know that it takes more than me just nagging, I can only pray that he heeds my request.

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