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Today after work I stopped at Ross to make a return and took a few extra minutes to check out the latest health and beauty products. One thing about Ross is that there is always a small variety of hair care/body products, cosmetics and “As Seen On TV” items, but there is never an overstock of any of them. If you see something today it may not be there next week or it might never be stocked again but there is always a bargain to be found.

Essie 3-pack Nail Polish – $8.99


Nail-aid nail hardener – $2.99


Sandwich container with freezer pack – $4.99


3-pack Shower Sponges – $2.99


18-pack velvet hangers – $8.99


Toiletries basket for my sons – $3.49

Floral heels – $14.99



At Ross I purchased another As Seen On TV  item, the Hair Bean.  I tried it, liked it, and feel it was well worth the cost.

Just happened to see this in a bin and decided to give it a try

Little to no shedding

I liked the results

This pallet was $5.00, I guess @DollarTree has to change it’s slogan – “Dollar Tree Where Everything is $1.00”

Here are some cute, inexpensive items that can be purchased, placed in a basket and given as a Mother’s Day gifts.

All of these items are mine – yippee – Happy Mother’s Day to me!!!

As Seen On TV – Salon Express

Cascading Fabric Hangers – these are great for sleeveless and silky items

Ped i Egg – I actually bought this for my son as I already have one that he wanted to use.

Crystal Air Freshners and Dish from @DollarTree

WARNING – THIS STAINS!!! Also, tell everyone in the house that it is NOT candy!

Nailwear, Nail Art, Solar Flowers and Glasses Cases from @DollarTree

I love these little dancing sunflowers!

Okay, so I broke down and purchased another “AS SEEN ON TV” product, the Ceramic Green Non-Stick Fry Pan from Target for $19.99.  My oldest son has been cooking scrambled eggs since he was in Junior High School, so I chose him to test the scramble.  Hubby thinks he is the pancake king so he tried it out on two large ones and I tested it on a fried egg.  Each passed with flying colors and the clean up was quick and easy, which in my book makes it definitely worth the price.

$19.99 purchased from Target

I seasoned it as per the instructions on the label


Lightly oil the pan and heat until it just begins to smoke


I wiped it out and then my son made his scrambled eggs – PERFECT – no oil, butter or grease used.



He loves cheese…lots of it!


Perfectly prepared non-sticking scrambled eggs with cheese



Breakfast is served


Next hubby and his pancakes


It flipped easily and slid out of the pan (I missed the shot)


I am not an egg eater but I tested the pan on a fried egg


It didn’t “swing around” the pan as advertised on tv, but it was definitely non-stick


Breakfast is served


Clean up was easy breezy!


Definitely worth the $19.99!


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